One of the niggling tasks holidaymakers face when planning a trip away is knowing how to pack efficiently. Although universally dreaded, it’s not as difficult a chore as many people think. By making just a few minor changes to the things you take with you and the way you pack can leave you with plenty of space and crease free clothes. Understanding how to pack efficiently will ensure that it soon becomes a habit, rather than something you loathe.

Firstly, organise how many different outfits you need according to the days you’re away. You don’t need a different outfit for everyday, yes, you heard right ladies; you can indeed wear the same thing twice! If you really are fashion conscious then take clothes that are easily mixed and matched so it seems like you’re wearing something different every day, but you’re not actually taking up the additional packing space. 

Check the weather for your destination so you are prepared for rain, snow or extreme heat. It’s always wise to make a check-list of the things you need, and take that list with you so you can check you have everything when you’re coming home.

Okay so now you’ve got your bits and bobs together, it’s time for the final step in how to pack efficiently. Start off with shoes and underwear at the bottom of your case. Then roll your clothes, heaviest at the bottom and lightest at the top, as tightly as possible. Packing them tightly allows them to be less creased as they’ll stay in that place and not fall out during the flight and travel. If possible, stuff underwear and other small items into your shoes to save space. Any toiletries you’re taking have at the top so they can be taken out and put back in easily at customs, should you be travelling through an airport.

You’re most likely going to want to take back souvenirs from your destination, we all have a fridge magnet or two, just make sure that you leave the space for them. 

Now you know how to pack efficiently, why not take a nice long weekend off with us at The Shurland Hotel!